Sunday, September 30, 2018


I planned a trip to Custer just to enjoy it.  No agenda, no rules; just me and my little dog, and my art supplies.   How perfect!
Not what I was expecting!
It was bitter cold so this one was fast and loose!

Of course Mother Nature thought she'd pull a fast one on me and decided to rain all day my first day, and then a few inches of snow the second day!    The third day was sunny and beautiful in a more typical way but I thoroughly enjoyed the other days also.

 I didn't get out and paint nearly as much as I planned due to this weather, but took tons of photos to work from later (in my warm studio!).  
*Really* not what I was hoping for!

the finished study that was on the easel in photo above
Study of Yellow bush, on the final and only sunny day!

creekside grasses in the sun on the last day

graphite sketch in the car to stay warm
These little pieces are all 5x7-ish and simply studies for myself, a record of my mini vacation.   I would very much like to try this again, but when its not so cold and wet!