Sunday, August 26, 2018

Soap Shop!!

I've been making more soap than ever, and its become a problem with stuff all over the place!   So my hubby once again stepped up to help me--making a nifty little workbench with gobs of storage!   I will hang some upper cabinets also, and a cute little curtain for a door, but yea, my first official soap shop!  

I will be making some new things to add to my current large bars, ready in time for my in-home open house early this winter!  

I'll post a photo when its not so messy!

I've also been doing some paint outs, and did the sketch crawl yesterday in Sioux Falls.  That's when artists are given a list of spots to go sketch, and a limited time to do them all.   Like a game, and it was a fun day, albeit a bit warm.   I will say tho., with soooo many people and cars and noise I was in a pretty big hurry to get home!
Here's a piece I did plein air in DeSmet, all framed up.   8.5 x 10 pastel $175.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Busy Busy!

Summer is always a very busy time for me, I can barely keep up some days!
 Lots of riding, and lots of gardening including making chokecherry topping and pickles.    

I haven't' spent much time at all in studio but instead, I've been going out several times per week to plein air or at least take photos to use later.   I also want to be all ready for the upcoming plein air events, one of which I'm the poster girl this year!  Check the link!

And soaping, tons of soaping!   I've gotten so many types that my current system was no longer functioning at all.   So I did some swapping with a friend  and now have this dandy cabinet!   I used chalkboard paint on boxes to store various types and can write that on the box for ease of use.  

Also....I have begun planning a late fall home-show!   So be on the watch for the dates, I have new paintings, will have some plenty of soaps, and a few other things not yet decided.  
A recent plein air from nearby   7x9 pastel "Tipton Road Tree"