Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spook and some words on glass.

This week was pretty fun, working on this lovely black gelding named Spook.   The client sent 3 very nice photos, and we both liked this view best.   I removed the halter to show more of his face.   The owner also liked fall colors, so I used that idea for the background.   

This is 14x14 on Uart 600 paper.   I first toned it reddish with alkyd paint.   I do several sheets like this, letting it run and drip, or splattering it, brushing it on all directions.   I used a brick color as it makes the painting warm from the start.  

I also enjoy leaving some of the red toned paper peeking thru, I want my work to be sketchy in places, I think it makes a painting feel fresher this way.  

This piece will be framed in an expresso toned wood frame, light colored mat, and no-glare glass.    With a dark subject, any glare will have a mirror effect and really limits the enjoyment of the painting at times, or limits where it can be displayed.  This glass, Ultra View by Tru Vue, all but disappears, and it is very clear, leaving all my strokes and marks to show.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Easy come, easy go

I hope this page finds you--I am not getting along with goggle at this moment!    My blog has decided to not let me on to update new posts.   After much hassle, I hope the easiest option proves to work out, as I had to start it over!   Argh!   

As another part of my fun, I had to do taxes this week.   Might I pass along some helpful tips?   Keep good records!   Of every little thing!   

This little file folder is a big help--every thing goes into the correct month.  Pretty simple really.    But, it can only do so much--I didn't put in enough information.   I have a sales slip from last February that lists a painting total of $208., 'to pay later'.     Now I have no idea what painting it was, so I cannot be sure if I even got paid for it.   I figure I just paid $200. for a lesson in bookkeeping.   

I hope you can learn from my possibly expensive lesson.