Monday, June 5, 2017


As most are, I'm getting pretty busy with all that summer brings.   I still want to make sure I get in something artistic, and often! 

I recently wanted to try a fountain pen again.  I've had another but I somehow didn't warm up to it enough and it went dry--then I ruined it by cleaning it improperly.  Yea me.  

So I went looking and found this one that was very inexpensive but had a good rating.  I love this thing!   Its got a metal body and feels so royal!   Its just fun to use, so I've been doing some ink sketching.   Its hot and buggy, so standing too long isn't a good idea; and ink sketch can be PDQ...Pretty Darn Quick!    It came with ink that washes with water, so I'll be switching to another waterproof type (trying Noodlers this time), as I like to put a color wash on after inking.  

I also got my first Moleskin sketchbook.   Its tiny, and I do like the paper.  But the cost makes me feel like it can only be used for 'Official Drawings."   Whatever those are, and when they might appear?   Can't answer that.   Yeah, I have a bit of sketchbook fear.   gasp!    and I actually am more fond of the paper in this tiny Derwent sketchbook.   

I did manage to paint a small piece based on a cell phone photo I snapped while walking the dogs, and memory.   I especially like taking a photo to use that day, that hour!   There is a more plein aire flavor to it, dont' you think?  

Monday, May 15, 2017

Summertime is Busy time!

I always thought empty nesters were just saying they were busy to feel important. Ha!  Wrong again!   I am swamped with things going on.  But all of them good!  Like these...

"Boundless" 10x16 pastel on sanded paper SOLD
A big thanks to SD Art Museum in Brookings.   They accepted 5 paintings for the retail shop and sold one before it hit the wall!   That's how I like it!  Thanks!
They also have a large assortment of my soaps too, so stop in and stock up!

I was able to attend my friend Jan Sohl's artist reception in Sioux Falls.  Fantastic work by a fine lady.  

Piper Art Gallery in Sioux Falls accepted a 3 new paintings, and I also left 2 for the Weathered exhibit in Sioux Falls.  

Whew!   That was just on Thursday!
24x30 Summer Solstice;  pastel
This one is part of the weathered exhibit, along with a smaller painting.  I got a sneak peak and its going to be a great show, stop in to the Center for Western Studies, it'll be worth your time!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Exciting News!

I am proud to announce that two of my paintings have been chosen to be in an upcoming exhibit!  May 22-August 25th, here's the link for the rest of the information.   

Weathered: The Northern Plains Landscape as Shaped by the Elements

 top "Summer Solstice; 24x30 pastel  
lower "Winter Squall; 6x9 pastel (plein aire)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Paint out Demo-er!

The date for paint outs are getting finalized, and I am super happy to tell you that I will be one of the demonstrators at this year's Harvey Dunn Paint out, in DeSmet SD this August.

This is a great painting adventure, the people organizing it go thru a LOT of work to make it nice for the artists; a nice venue to show and sell on Sunday, lots of water and fruit during the event, a fun gathering on one evening, and plenty of things to keep a painter busy!    Its been one of my favs!

So this year I'll get the added fun of sharing my love of pastels with anyone who'll come to the shelter area at 12:30.   

Last you heard from me, I was getting ready for a workshop in Mitchell.   It was a great success, 8 people joined the class and it was fun hearing some 'oh!  that's how that's done!'   Of course, as usual, I got so involved I didn't take   Yeah, yea me.   But the store where I held the class did, and were real great about the whole thing.   Thanks Crafty Fox!  

On another note, I have just gotten in several new frame mouldings!   I am now carrying several in-house styles, so get those projects you've had sitting around, waiting for 'some time', get them done now and display your artwork and photos!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Getting Ready!

I am spending a good amount of time getting myself in order to teach the workshop THIS Saturday, wohoo!  

But I don't skip out on my daily hike very often, and instead of painting inside, I have been doing some little nature sketching instead.     While the dogs run around after mice and rabbits, I grab a hunk of ground and my itty-bitty sketch journal and relax.  

Everything is brown this time of year, so I used walnut ink in a waterbrush, ink, and a white gel pen for highlights.    I have no idea how long I spend at these, the time just slips by with the breeze.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Last Chance for the Workshop!

I have decided this will be the last week for signing up for the workshop.   I will need to know just how many to plan for, so I can be sure to give each student all I can in one short, but very full day of class.   The price is $60 for the one day class, on Feb. 25th, 10-5 in Mitchell SD.   Last day for registration will be Saturday, Feb. 11th.   What a great Valentine's gift that would make!

On another note, one aspect of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge is having a lot of new work in a short time!   I tape them to the wall in the studio, its kinda fun seeing them all together like this.

Wouldn't one of these be a great Valentine's Day gift?   A very "original" idea!   Gift Certificates also available, if you would rather let your special person pick out their own.

If you're interested in one of these, the cost ranges from $35 for the smaller b/w sketches, up to $100 for the larger paintings.   Framing is also available!    Contact me at to purchase.

Monday, January 30, 2017

One Week Left!

There is actually less than one week left to sign up at the early-bird price for the workshop.    Check out the Classes page for more info!

I am now going full steam in preparations for the upcoming workshop.   The class is small, and there will be tons of information you wont' want to miss out on! 

And I'm winding down the 30/30 challenge, its been fun but very intense at times.   Doing a painting daily, even small, really makes me stretch and learn and try new things.   It pointed out where I am wasting time too! 

When I went driving last evening, I also came across this old farmstead.   I always wonder what it was like living in such places in their prime, and how sad to see them all crumbling now.    I am intrigued with old houses and barns, I don't think I'm alone in that though!
 5x7 graphite on tan drawing paper