Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Yippee, 2016 is done!   And to ring in the new year, I've signed up for another 30/30, starting today!    This time, I am not worried if I make Fabulous Art;  I'm doing this one for fun.  For ME!   Some days might just be trying out some new idea I have, some scribbles on paper, maybe even just chosing a color scheme for a painting I have in mind.  

But today, I drove down an old dirt road and just had to finally stop just anywhere--my area is so rich with ideas, sometimes just picking one thing, right now, is tough!

                                                   6x9 on grey wallis sanded paper.  

Having my tiny little sketch box is turning out to be great fun!   No longer am I worried about cold, wind or snow!   I do hope to get in as many plein air pieces in for this 30/30 as possible too.    I spent time to prepare, which made all the world the last time I did this challenge.  

And, I have set a date for the upcoming one day class on Techniques in Pastel!   I have a limited class size so sign up right away to be sure you get a spot!    


Patty said...

Chris, this little piece is gorgeous. There is something freeing about creating work spontaneously. 30/30 is hard work, enjoy!!

Pastel Chris said...

thanks patty, it is tough but very rewarding in the end!