Monday, January 9, 2017

Material List for the workshop!

I've gone to several workshops, and each one has a materials needed list.   Its usually a pretty hefty list but normal for working in pastel.    I'm a confirmed pastel-aholic, so that's ok with me. 

But at first, how do you know if you'll buy the right stuff?  Its not cheap, and nobody wants a bunch of stuff you'll never use.  

Well this is your chance, as that is what this workshop is for!   On Saturday, February 25th in Mitchell  I will show you all sorts of papers, pastels, techniques and tools that make pastel work with you.   So the time for the big splurge will be AFTER the class!    Saving you the cost of the class itself.  

This is the class for those already working in other mediums with some level of comfort.    Much of that previous skill you can bring to the easel, I'll help you transfer that to working in pastels.  

I will email you this list and the day's schedule when you register.  And sign up by Feb. 3rd to save $10 off the cost, only $50 for early registration. 

On another note....the last day's effort in my January 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.    See my facebook page for the daily updates!

"Moon Walking" 8x10 pastel on uart500   sold

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