Monday, January 23, 2017

Rebel with a Cause

I've been doing the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge and its coming down to the last days.   There are so many good things to come of doing such a thing, but one thing isn't so hot--it does take the time I need to work on outside paintings.  

In this case, since I never claimed to be one to follow rules, and the main idea behind the challenge is to work daily, not so much making some complete work daily, I am taking the next day or ? to work on this collie.   So I'm breaking the rules a bit, but eh, its my deal anyhow, and I said at the beginning I wasn't going by any rulebook.    And I just gotta paint this collie now!

I don't usually show my works-in-progress because, well, if it bombs, doing so publicly is worse than even doing it alone!   But since I'm pretty warmed up, I am willing to chance it!    And, all paintings seem to go thru a really ugly, nasty, maybe-it-won't-work stage, not something that  is often the best idea to show off!  

so here goes.... first I sketched the basic outlines and shapes onto my velour paper.  

I  put in the darkest areas first, then a few mid tones, and a few highlights;  doing this helps me keep on track of my values.   I'm stopping here tonight, the left ear done and some of the left side of Sprite's face is about there.   I have the base in for the right ear, and allll this hair, long beautiful hair!   Is it wrong to be jealous of a dog?  

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Anonymous said...

Great job!