Monday, January 30, 2017

One Week Left!

There is actually less than one week left to sign up at the early-bird price for the workshop.    Check out the Classes page for more info!

I am now going full steam in preparations for the upcoming workshop.   The class is small, and there will be tons of information you wont' want to miss out on! 

And I'm winding down the 30/30 challenge, its been fun but very intense at times.   Doing a painting daily, even small, really makes me stretch and learn and try new things.   It pointed out where I am wasting time too! 

When I went driving last evening, I also came across this old farmstead.   I always wonder what it was like living in such places in their prime, and how sad to see them all crumbling now.    I am intrigued with old houses and barns, I don't think I'm alone in that though!
 5x7 graphite on tan drawing paper  

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