Saturday, July 5, 2014

ok, NOW its done.

Just a quick post, I just wasn't happy with 'something'.   I got a pointer from dear ol mom, and dang, she was right--the dark creek bank was just too straight.   so I 'messed' it up a bit, added some more rocks to break up that area, added some flecks of color for those tiny weed tops and things.  NOW I feel done.  I think.  
close up of rocks, water and the flecks of weeds.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Creekside Aspens

I've finished the piece from my last post--I think its finished.  That is a tricky part, when to say when.   I usually feel its finished when I begin picking at it.   I think my work is better when I just hit and run. 

I may come back to tinker a bit more, but then again, maybe not.   For now, it'll be placed on my 'simmering easel', a smaller easel in the corner of my studio that works stay until framed or shipped or stored.  Gives me time to live with it, and decide once and for all, is it done?

The purple wildflowers are simply the underpainting left alone.   As I was working, I just thought it looked good as it was, I look at those moments like a little gift. 

I often find my work being the kind of place I would like to be--either riding or hiking.   This is no exception, I'd love to ride down that little rocky bottomed creek, but it doesn't really exist like this, so this is the only way I can I guess!