Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tax Time.

Yup, its that time of year again.   I doubt there is a single one of you out there that rejoice over this!   But I have a couple tips that might make it a bit easier for you.
First, its the very start of the year, get a plan started today!   I use an accordion folder, with a space for each month, to contain my receipts and statements.   This alone is a huge upgrade from the box or manila envelope I used to use.  

I am now keeping all my part of the white/yellow statements in the book--then only removing them at this time of year, so I start fresh each January.   All the papers from this year go into a big envelope marked with the year and filed away.  Less get lost this way.

 In years past, I have found these statements with things like "to pay later".  um, did they get paid?  to whom?  when??   So I make sure my statements have all the information on them even if I think I'll remember later.  I won't. 

I made my own artwork statements, so when finished with a commission or framing job, I staple a photo of the work to the statement, with as many details as possible--I can't tell you how many times someone came back to me 10 years or more later, and want to match what they have.   Details, I need details!   These go into the alphabetized files in the cabinet.  

I print out receipts as I purchase online, and check it against my online accounts.   

Altho I still do not possess fine accounting skills, I'm getting better each year, and its getting easier with just these few tips.   

And as a reward for doing such icky work, I went for a ride, dashing thru the snow and all!
and since Arty the Studio Dog was so patient in waiting for me to do all this boring work instead of a nonstop game of fetch, he got to come along too!