Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Just a quick hello!

As we head into the New Year, I have joined up with other artists to do another 30/30!   Every day for the month of January I plan to do a small painting; it might be nothing more than an experiment, or some little thing I've been wanting to try.   Working small and daily frees my mind up, and there's not a lot of materials involved so it removes that fear of failure.   This round I am not going to hold myself to making something complete, as long as I put pastel or pencil to paper daily!   Its still pretty tough to do!

I also have been wanting to get outside to paint but BRRRR!   I'm made of pretty sturdy stuff but I ain't going to stand in SD winds to paint!    I had been planning to fix this little wooden box into a "Front Seat Pochade" for some time; now I can use it for this challenge.    Now I can sit in my car, hot cuppa nearby, tunes playing, even Arty can come along!   What fun!!   Painting snow without the frostbite!

I tried it out this morning, just something from memory to try it on.  Yeah, I like it!   Hey Mikey!   (just aged myself there, didn't I?)   My new little thumb box* will suit me just fine!  

*thumb box is the term, as long ago artists used to make a box so small, they only needed to hold them with their thumb to do field sketches, long before cameras, to make a snapshot so to speak!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I Have the Power!, that is.   Love me some power tools.   They used to scare me and I still have a very healthy respect for them and take all the precautions.   But I think power tools give me power!   Today I used my chop saw and a power drill.

This is/was my cutting box for my soaps.  that front part *had* a stop on it so the soaps were all the right size and evenly cut.  This was my first attempt at making a cutter box, and it worked ok for a year now, but had several flaws.   The stop snapped off last night, so time to get building....

This one is the bomb!   It has a must sturdier front end and stop so my soaps won't come out wedge cut.   A handle on top also keeps the sideboards from wobbling.   All from scrap made and custom sized!   Like most projects, took me longer than expected but the price was right and I didn't have to compromise on the size, etc.  

There are only a couple more weeks for discounts in the studio!   10% off soaps, and up to 75% on everything else, including incoming framing and painting commissions!

I will be making soaps often in the next few weeks, and those will need time to sit and cure before use, but they will be ready to leave the shop very soon, don't let this chance slip past you!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Holidays to All!

This year is wrapping up pretty quick!   I am working on a few Christmas things that I can't show just yet.  

But I am excited to tell you that I am offering at least  10% and up to 50% off everything til Christmas.   That is soaps, paintings, and even new orders for frames or commission work!    What can I do for you?
"Norma" private collection

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


COMING SOON!!!    I will be holding a ONE DAY ONLY class in Mitchell SD.   This class will be geared for artists working in other mediums, but who'd like to try pastels.  

I will be covering materials and techniques, so bring what you have!!   I'll be going over mark making, supplies and what to do with them. 

Keep watch for more information to come!   This will be a small class so you won't want to wait to sign up!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I've been finally getting more time back in the studio, and some plein aire as well.   With such great fall weather, its mighty hard not to spend as much time as possible outside but I needed to get some of the Dog Days pieces going.  

First up is Jake, a lab who was a rescue and became a very much loved fella.   I love hearing clients talk about their animals, and it truly helps in the painting of them.   I keep in mind what the client has said and try to put that into the painting.  

"Jake"   12x16 pastel on navy colorfix
The client wanted a rustic frame and we went with this barnboard style--its a bit more grey in real life.   

Since Jake was approved yesterday, I took today to go sketching.   I wanted to catch some photos of this huge moon we have now,  and our sunsets have been amazing!

I stopped on a section line and got the dogs out and my sketchbox.  I knew I wouldn't have much time, so I just hit it and left it, each mark is fresh and very strong.   I used this dark blue paper to make it easier on myself--the dark blue served as much of the shadow areas.   I left a lot of the blue uncovered by pastel, and it lent a uniformity to the whole.
"Looking North"  8x12 pastel Plein Aire, colorfix paper
Thanks for stopping in, see you next time!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Took a brief time-out.   My daughter was between jobs in Colorado so we spent the month riding and other fun stuff.  

I am working on some commissions at the moment, and so I cant' show those just yet. 

Although I haven't any actual paintings to show, I can show what I've been doing in between riding, cooking and just hanging out....some nature sketching.

I have been hiking most days for weeks on end and dont' plan to stop anytime soon!   Right now the fall colors, clear or cloudy skies, changing of the fields, wow, its all just a feast!  

I take a small sketchbook and just a few pencils (hard, med. very soft, and a white graphite) and find a spot to just enjoy.  My dogs get to sniff and run and roll, and I get to smell the fresh air, feel the sun and listen to the birds.   Very addicting!  

I don't do these sketches for any other reason than fun.   Maybe just a tad of study, but its a way to let all that nature soak into my soul.   I see so many scientific studies done that prove it; they didn't need to bother, they could've just asked a plein air sketcher!  

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Black Board

As anyone who's tried to take a photo thru glass knows, you usually get something like this.....
All glare, and often almost a mirror of the photo-taker.   

In my haste I forget to take a final photo of commissions for my own records before it's all framed up under glass.   The proper way is of course, remember to take good photos before but there is a way to take a photo if you forget.....

I use a black board.  I painted a large piece of cardboard with black tempra paint.  I used tempra as I had it on hand, and its very flat when dried.   I have used felt in the past, but it got little lints fuzzies so I think this one will work better.

As you can see, there is a little hole cut in the middle, where I stick my camera lens thru.    This cannot be too big or light will poke around the edges, making little glare spots.    This isn't for high quality photos, but does the job fairly well for certain uses.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beautiful Light

On Sunday, I went for a drive.  That evening had some beautiful light bouncing around, like the air was shimmering with gold.    I am collecting some extra photos, just in case winter is long!   

As I was creeping along a gravel road, I stopped at this hay field, the light was amazing!   Then I just couldn't wait, I grabbed my french easel out of the car and set up.

I used a piece of Uart toned a very bright warm yellow.   I didn't have my 'extras' bag, so no other tools than pastels; no sketchbook, no way to do an under layer of any sort.  Plus the light was not going to be there for long, the race was on! 

I worked small, around 6x9ish, and went with very bold color, laying it down without a lot of layering, which is what I normally do.  

I worked until I was 90% done, then the light was gone, and it was time to get off the road.   I laid in the darker purple-blues in the foreground when I got home, taking a minute at the location to try and take a very detailed mental image, even choosing which stick I'd try once I got home.   The play on light and color between that deep shadowed area and quickly going into the intensely bright lemon greens is what made me screech to a stop.

I am pleased with the results, what do you think?  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

DeSmet Paint Out

Whew!   This one might be long, so go grab a cuppa and sit for a bit with me....

The annual DeSmet paint out, thru the Harvey Dunn Society was held this past weekend.  I heard there were over 50 artists!   No wonder, its a really good paint out!

The little church at the Laura Ingall's homestead site

And there is never a lack of subjects; no matter if you are into scenery or architecture.

Heading home, and our little home on wheels is a mess!
I arrived on Thursday so I could drive around and get the feel for the place again.   Arty was a real trooper, and his favorite spot was our bed that is in the back of my tahoe.  

It rained hard with strong winds Thursday night and I really felt for those poor souls who camped in tents!   We were snug in our Tahotel!

On Friday afternoon, we had some funnel
Painting about 10 minutes after the funnel clouds!   This is my
full french easel and golfing umbrella.   The towel is from
my shower, getting sun dried.
The road went right thru this pond, and when I
walked or drove slowly, several turtles and hundreds
of frogs jumped!
clouds move in.  I heard they took a roof off!    I seen 3 of them, and within another 10 minutes, the sky was bright blue again!

I used both of my painting set ups....full french easel and my homemade pochade box.   I decide on a subject then choose the set up that would work best; if the view is better at a lower eye level, I sit and use the pochade in my lap.   Those pieces are also the smaller ones, as it can only go 9x12.   For larger sizes my french easel comes out.

I know many have tossed out the good old french easel for being too heavy and awkward to set up, but for pastels, I think its about the best.   It protects the pastels so very well, and holds many, along with extra supplies.  Solid and sturdy in winds, and can hold a fairly large paper.  

Mine is a Mabef and its been around a while, abused and used and is still in great condition.   There are ways to use a cart if its too heavy, but I usually don't take it much further than this from my car.  

I completed 6 small works, all on Uart paper.    Three of those found new homes at the wet paint sale on Sunday.  And as usual, I didn't get photos until they were in frames and glass = glare!    

I also sold a few of my 30/30 paintings from April, as this paint out sale allowed up to 6 'other' works.
A huge THANK YOU!  to those who bought my work!

Some of the remaining 30/30 paintings I had along went to the South Dakota Art Museum in Brookings for their gift shop.   They have been selling my goat milk soaps for some time now, and I am excited to have my paintings there now too!  

This paint out is already scheduled in for the second weekend in August, 2017.   I am going to do a pastel demo there on Saturday; mark the calendar!    I would love to see you there and answer any pastel questions you have.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Name that Painting!

Avera project  16x20, up for auction on August 20th!
This weekend I completed a painting that I had been asked to do for the Avera Gregory Hospital Beefsteak Banquet live auction on August 20th.   It was to be 'hills, scenery, something from around Gregory county."   So this piece was stitched together from 3-4 places very close to my home.   
Here is the beginning....a 16x20 piece of uart600, and an underwash.

I had already added some pastel in the sky by this time, the blue, but the rest is just the underpainting.   That helps get rid of the white 'holes' and gets things moving much quicker.

Part of the fun is the winner gets to name the painting!  I wish I had someone help me name them all, that can be hard!   

And don't forget my Dog Days Special, where some of the proceeds of each dog portrait thru the month of August will go to the Rescues Unlimited shelter for vet bills.   Help a dog out!  

Friday, August 5, 2016

Dog Days Special!


"Tater"   private collection
"Queenie"  private collection

A portrait ready to hang or gift.   $135 in August only!
August is known for its hot 'dog days' of summer.   As I was out riding, I had a brainstorm....

For the month of August, I will donate $20 to our local rescue, Rescues Unlimited, for every dog portrait booked and paid in full.  

Those folks do a good job, taking in and caring for dogs others have let down.   Then finding them homes, often keeping them for quite some time, on their own budget, until someone comes along to claim them into their family.  

I love dogs, and have wanted to help this Rescue, and what a perfect match!   So, all I need is a good photo; either yours or if within a close range, I can take them myself.

  You will get an 8x10 pastel portrait, in a presentation frame ready to hang or give as a gift.  

The Rescue will get $20 for each painting, which they will use for a large vet bill to help a little puppy who needs an operation.  

This offer is good all thru August--we need not finalize the painting, but it must be paid for by the end of August so I can get the monies to the Rescue.   Only $135 (plus tax) thru August only.   

So let's get that puppy her operation!  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Framing the 30

My framing table has taken a pretty hard hit this week!

I've not been slacking but I cannot show just yet--I am working on some commissions that will remain under wraps for a while yet.

But, its been dreadful hot so I've also been in the studio framing up a storm!   

In both August and September I will going to paint outs such as this one in DeSmet. This year we can show a few other works as well, so I am framing some of my favorite from the "30/30" project (April).   I am continuing the experimenting from the 30 days with the framing.  I've tried a few new things, and am very pleased at the results!
Some of my small works in their new 'outfits'!

I've went with a few different styles, I just can't pick one for every piece.    Some are in vintage frames, some in new, some have various styles of matting, some not at all.

Paint Outs are some of my favorite things, and this year I'll have my pal, Arty, for company!  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Have a Cow!

A friend called a few weeks ago with a request...paint her mom's favorite cow for her birthday.   We didn't have much time, but I was sure I could do it, and she'd already had photos emailed to me.  

I chose to use Uart paper again, its my fav!   I used 600 grit, and cut a piece a bit larger than 20x24ish, the size the client thought would be best.

I have never painted a cow portrait before!   I've painted cows in a distant herd and in a corral behind a main subject of horse and rider but never as a center stage star!   But, all painting is the same basically--you paint what you see; focusing on the lights, darks and textures.  

Norma Jean    20x20 on Uart600  pastel   Sold
Behold Norma Jean!   This was a ton of fun.   The wayward fuzzies on the top of her noggin where the best.   Client wanted a background of simply South Dakota scenery.

The giftee was most pleased!   I was invited to the party where it was presented, which was great fun as I usually dont' get to see that part.   That, to me, is some of the fun--I get to be part of a really great gift, surprise, or making of an instant heirloom.   I am always honored when I am chosen to be involved. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016


What are your priorities?  Family?  Work?   Painting flags on garage doors or building habitats for skunks?   Whatever it is, that is what you need to keep energy and time for.   Its soooo easy to get bogged down with a million other things that seem important.

That's what happened to me this summer.   I thought I wanted to raise some meat goats along with my dairies.   I got a few, who had kids, then I had lots!    And little by little, that took more time than I realized, til one day, I looked up and realized I hadn't rode a horse or done any, ANY?, artwork for over 2, maybe even 3 full weeks, and my garden was a mess.

Um, NO.   this had to stop.   So, I called a goat person who bought my herd, and kept my 2 sweet milking does.   Now chores take 20 minutes or less!  

Its worth your time to think about what is your focus.  Not what is your husband's, kids', or neighbors, what makes YOU happy?   What is it that makes your heart flutter?   Go do that stuff!  

I kinda felt like I was giving up when I seen my herd get on her trailer.  For about 2 minutes.   Then I seen what I did give up--fencing, trimming, feeding, etc.....and I gained time.   Time that you can't get back.   I'm happy I got to try my hand at the meat goat thing, but even more happy its gone now.   Copper, maybe he's not so happy about it tho!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Solstice

It's Summer Solstice time.   Seems early this year, but so does everything else!   We had some serious rainfall earlier this year, and many areas still have more water sitting than usual, including us.    

In front of my 
house, there is a low spot, and it was so overflowing, we now had lakefront property!    I was walking my dogs and as the sun set, my really-big-puddle turned magical.   The colors were like sherbert, and the 'pond' was still and almost like a mirror; except where some bug made a ripple.   

I thought for a split second to grab my gear and do a sketch, but the skeeters were so hangry that a few photos would have to do.  

This needed to be bigger for what I had in mind, and I cut a piece of Uart600 and set to just do an underpainting before bed.  

I wanted to try a very 'hot' underpainting as I knew I was doing lots of cooler colors on top.   So I laid in hot oranges, reds, and golds.   I planned to take a photo and go to bed.   Wellll....didn't happen.   I was itching to do this painting for weeks, and thought since the top area was dry already, I'd just try a couple spots.  

Several hours later, I went to bed, almost done.  A few tweaks the next day and I present to you "Summer Solstice", 20x32   

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wash Day

This blog title is both for my painting and my reality!   Nothing better than fresh sheets off the line for a good night's rest.    I had this painting 'done' months ago, but something wasn't actually done enough for me.   It seemed a bit void and I felt adding a bit more of a human touch would be useful.

   So yesterday I got it back to the easel, and decided to add the wash line and the chimney with some smoke.   I also toned the barn down from a bright red to a more weathered hue;  that pushed the viewer more to the house, and was a bit more realistic.   I am again going to call it done.  We'll see if it stays that way!
"Wash Day"   11x16 pastel on uart500

Monday, May 9, 2016

Evening Service

Evening Service   10x12 on colorfix paper    $115.

Another piece from DeSmet;  my friend Connie and I stayed in this spot for well over an hour, probably well over 2 hours, watching the amazing cloud formations and full moon.   Just as it got a bit darker, the lights in this little country church started to glow out the windows, what a sight!   With the full moon behind, and yet still lit from the setting sun, how could I help myself!? 

This was done alla prima, "all in one setting".   After my 30 in 30 project, it felt very natural to step into my studio, late at night and paint.  In fact, it felt really good.  This is 10x12 on a dark dusty blue paper, so some of my work was already done for me.   I found some things kind of hard--my 'go to' dark cool green wasn't even near close enough dark this time!   In this situation, it looked maybe even lighter than a middle value.    I found this same thing several times as I worked, nocturnal painting is tricky!  

Here is my 'wall of work'.   All but 2 of my 30/30 paintings, taped to my wall behind my easel.  I like seeing them all together!     Now to start framing some of them.    

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Plein Air again!

Ah, I just love to paint outside.   It doesn't even matter that much if the piece turns out, just the experience is worth the effort.  

I love my full french easel, I guess when I am getting 'serious', but some days I just head out with my sketchbox.   A lightweight folding camp chair and a messenger bag with extras, and I'm good to go!     

My sketchbox doesn't have a ton of pastels, but its plenty.   I also have a few pastel pencils tucked in; a warm and cool grey, a black, a white charcoal pencil, a pale yellow and ochre green.   As a pencil gets short in the studio, I save them for my sketchbox.  

Arty came along and chased frogs and birds while I painted.   The wildlife was so loud!  

With a storm moving in, it was very still and the colors were subtle, doubled by the large 'pond' from the heavy rains all week.    I did an underwash of a sienna tone on uart paper.    I liked the way the old corn stalks looked like whisker stubble!

plein air--May 6    uart500   6x12

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Turning Grey, The End

A group of young horses were swirling around, snorting and bucking.  The grey colt was prancing around, then seen something in the distance.  He stopped short and turned in the same motion; just at the same time a beam of golden light streaked across the prairie from the setting sun, making the colt glow.  

For this I used some suede board, which makes animals' fur/hair come alive.   

Turning Grey   9x12 on suede board 

And one more concludes my 30 paintings in 30 days project....when riding with my neighbor, we came across this group of trees with pretty purple flowers on the banks. 
Flowered Banks   uart500   7x10  
So this concludes the 30/30, and I am tired!  And happy!   I learned so very much; I think this is one of those things you cannot understand until you actually do it for yourself.   I do admit I need a break tho., just a day or 3 to rest up.   I had done a studio tidy a few days ago but need to put pastels in order yet, this made a mess of them.   My 'wall o' work' is really fun to see!

Every painting is for sale, nothing over $100, many at $50 and under.   If you'd like to make one your own, speak up before someone else does!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bucket Calf

I am almost done with my 30/30 project.   I have learned so many tiny things and highly recommend it.    It feels like so many of the lessons were such small things, it's almost hard to pinpoint.  But some things are pretty easy to see..
  • .I have far more time to paint than I thought.  
  •  I can get a lot done with short but regular bits of time even when busy or tired.  
  • Its a lot of fun to experiment!
  • Small paintings have huge lessons
  • working often means what you are on a roll with continues the next day
  • Having a 'wall of works' is very satisfying!
Today I waited a bit too long and almost didn't paint.  I am tired and just felt like going to bed.  Then I put to use a little trick I use "just 15 minutes"; where for just that time I get busy even if tired.  If after 15, I still feel the same, I let it go.   But often, like tonight, I wasn't going to quit just yet!   

My friend had gotten several bucket calves last year and I brought my camera when I went to go see them.   This little cutie was sunning himself and I just loved his expression!  
8x10 uart500    Bucket Calf  ©CM Cernetisch

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Its' been pretty busy, but I haven't shirked my art; just my blog!   Yesterday was a fun one, I was a guest teacher for Daughter's culinary school, showing them some cheese and yogurt making.   Was a really nice time and everything came out great!

Tonight (this morning?) I post my last 3....

6x9 uart500  "Pelican"

 On my way home from a friend's in Webster SD there are lots of watery places; marshes, creeks, ponds and lakes.   I snapped a reference from my car window.

 I had yet another type of pastel paper in my cupboard and thought to use it up, as there are only 2 pieces and they aren't in the best of condition.    It's LaCarte and altho it has a nice feel, I really dislike the fact any water at all will make the surface fall off.   And maybe last time I tried it I didn't have some of the brands of pastel I do now, as I really enjoyed the way the pigments went on.   It gave an almost dreamy look without even trying.   
6x9  LaCarte     "After Supper"      
6x9 LaCarte   "Summer Day"

And finally, this little scene from a pasture I ride past often during my summer rides.   South Dakota has these really odd colored trees, a Russian olive.   They are silvery green, almost minty colored.   very tricky to paint, and even worse to photograph in a painting!  

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beautiful Day

I chose to use a reference I took years ago in one of my very favorite places to go...the Black Hills.    There used to be a paint out there every fall, and I loved it.   I stayed in this really cute hostel, and used a cooler so I didn't have to leave the hills all day.  

Streams and rocks and misty valleys, every corner lead me to yet another 'best yet' spot.  

5x7 on terra cotta Richardson paper;  "Beautiful Day"

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Night Falls

One of my favorite times to walk or ride is at dusk.   Often, the wind has settled a bit, the frogs are singing, and the skies, oh the skies!    I just never tire of gawking at, and then painting the awesome light shows we have here.    Uninterrupted, open landscapes, quiet and the night air smells so very good.  Especially this time of year when the wild plum is blooming.  

I am having fun experimenting, today I used a homemade surface of ragmat with a jarred primer.   It was clear and the board was white, so it was a bright surface to work on, and fairly course.   At the start of this project I really hated that type of surface, but now, I rather like them quite well.    They keep me in check, so I don't get picky.   On a small scale, I think keeping the images fairly simple, putting down only what's necessary.

5x7 on handmade board    Night Falls

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fresh Air

Spring has sprung and its so nice to get back outside to walk or ride often.   I really love doing skies and clouds, and I get some great subjects while outside.   This was about a mile from my house, out for a little ride.
6x9 uart500, Fresh Air

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sun Spot

My little dog Arty likes to find a bright sun spot every afternoon for a long nap.   Some days its outside, but sometimes he likes the sunbeam that comes thru a very high window in our living room. 

  I had wanted to snap a few reference photos, but he always follows me;  this time tho I was ready!   He did lift his head, and with his ear flipped over, the pose was perfect.   I also very much like the abstract of the sun spot vs. his little scruffy body.   And he always has a toy nearby.  

This one was done around 1 am, so I was too tired to post.   Its the biggest yet, 10x12.   
But it was really fun, I just love this little guy and he slept at my feet while I painted him.    He didn't seem impressed.

10x12 black colorfix paper   Sun Spot

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Today I thought I'd paint that rooster I had photographed earlier this year; figured it would go well with yesterday's hen!  
"Rooster"   5x6  uart500
I am still seeing tons of benefits of painting small and often.   Even when I really don't feel like painting, I am getting in the studio and funny how once started, I find I am much more 'into' it than I thought.  So that old idea of not waiting for inspiration is very true!  Just get to it and the muse will appear! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Sky is Falling!

Almost felt like it today, rained all day.   I also cleaned the chicken coop.  The whole thing.  New bedding in the nest boxes, washed walls and roosting bars.   It was a ton of work but sure feels nice to know my ladies are living well.   But, I am thinking egg prices might go 12.95....each.  Haha!  

So today was the day I should paint this little white hen.   I sold her and her sister a few weeks ago as the older hens wouldn't let her roost at night.   But not before I got a nice sunny reference photo.

5x8 uart 500 paper.    "The Sky is Falling"

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rainy Sunday

That's not a title, but it could be!   Today was very rainy, so I started off by re-doing my pastel cabinet.   I forgot to take a before, I was so excited to get it done!   It was that retro 70's pecan, with ugly handles.   A week ago one of the handles broke, sending all my pencils and other stuff flying to the floor.   So I went on ebay to look at vintage ones--and found these in copper, I love copper!   A bit of chalk paint and wax, and it brightened it right up.

starting with a charcoal sketch on pre-toned grey uart
 Then it was time to do some real painting!   I felt like doing something....not sunny, and took out a paper I'd previously toned a middle grey.

This little coop sits north of town, where there used to be a house and other buildings.  Now this is all that is remaining, and I liked how the path zigzagged to the coop.   My reference is much more flat, as it was a cold winter's day, but I added a stronger sunlight. 

8x10 uart500    "All That's Left"

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Double Daily?

Its raining, cold and grey.  Perfect time for soup and fresh bread!    I made a loaf of a 'daily' type white bread, nothing fancy but it sure came out pretty.   So hey, I can change plans of what I was going to paint today, why waste a good thing? 

6x8  black colorfix paper     Daily Bread
I had to do it from a photo, even tho I had the real thing, as once my husband smelled it, I only had a very short time to work!   It was like taking a photo of wildlife!      I put the bread on a very clean, white flour sack cloth.   The folds and shadows were very challenging

Friday, April 15, 2016

Desmet Again

I believe I've mentioned the Desmet paint out before, it's one of my favorites.   I missed it last year but hope to get there again this year. 

Every hour a wagon pulls up to the old school house and a new group get the experience.  The bell gets rung, and guests sit in the desks, wearing a bonnet if they would like!   There are barrel planters of flowers out front, and a hitching rail.   

5x7 uart500   Schoolhouse
I've seen several of these buildings around the state, and they have such great character and big windows, I can't help but think what a great studio that would be!