Tuesday, November 22, 2016


COMING SOON!!!    I will be holding a ONE DAY ONLY class in Mitchell SD.   This class will be geared for artists working in other mediums, but who'd like to try pastels.  

I will be covering materials and techniques, so bring what you have!!   I'll be going over mark making, supplies and what to do with them. 

Keep watch for more information to come!   This will be a small class so you won't want to wait to sign up!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I've been finally getting more time back in the studio, and some plein aire as well.   With such great fall weather, its mighty hard not to spend as much time as possible outside but I needed to get some of the Dog Days pieces going.  

First up is Jake, a lab who was a rescue and became a very much loved fella.   I love hearing clients talk about their animals, and it truly helps in the painting of them.   I keep in mind what the client has said and try to put that into the painting.  

"Jake"   12x16 pastel on navy colorfix
The client wanted a rustic frame and we went with this barnboard style--its a bit more grey in real life.   

Since Jake was approved yesterday, I took today to go sketching.   I wanted to catch some photos of this huge moon we have now,  and our sunsets have been amazing!

I stopped on a section line and got the dogs out and my sketchbox.  I knew I wouldn't have much time, so I just hit it and left it, each mark is fresh and very strong.   I used this dark blue paper to make it easier on myself--the dark blue served as much of the shadow areas.   I left a lot of the blue uncovered by pastel, and it lent a uniformity to the whole.
"Looking North"  8x12 pastel Plein Aire, colorfix paper
Thanks for stopping in, see you next time!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Took a brief time-out.   My daughter was between jobs in Colorado so we spent the month riding and other fun stuff.  

I am working on some commissions at the moment, and so I cant' show those just yet. 

Although I haven't any actual paintings to show, I can show what I've been doing in between riding, cooking and just hanging out....some nature sketching.

I have been hiking most days for weeks on end and dont' plan to stop anytime soon!   Right now the fall colors, clear or cloudy skies, changing of the fields, wow, its all just a feast!  

I take a small sketchbook and just a few pencils (hard, med. very soft, and a white graphite) and find a spot to just enjoy.  My dogs get to sniff and run and roll, and I get to smell the fresh air, feel the sun and listen to the birds.   Very addicting!  

I don't do these sketches for any other reason than fun.   Maybe just a tad of study, but its a way to let all that nature soak into my soul.   I see so many scientific studies done that prove it; they didn't need to bother, they could've just asked a plein air sketcher!