Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Now Showing!

I am having my very own, very first Studio Open House!    I have this really great studio, and lots of cool stuff in it--and I have decided to open it up and invite everyone in.  

I paint fairly quickly.  And often.  That means I have lots of artwork!   Some studio works, some plein air paintings;  some small, some pretty big.  
Plein Aire in Belle Fourche
I've also been making tons of my handcrafted goat's milk soap.  
Basic and Moonlight Path soaps

I'd really like to start the New Year with an empty studio.   So there is going to be some nice prices for those days.    What days you ask?   November 28 and December 6, each day will be from 12-5.   My studio is located one mile east of Sully Flats Lodge, and half mile north, watch for signs!