Monday, January 30, 2017

One Week Left!

There is actually less than one week left to sign up at the early-bird price for the workshop.    Check out the Classes page for more info!

I am now going full steam in preparations for the upcoming workshop.   The class is small, and there will be tons of information you wont' want to miss out on! 

And I'm winding down the 30/30 challenge, its been fun but very intense at times.   Doing a painting daily, even small, really makes me stretch and learn and try new things.   It pointed out where I am wasting time too! 

When I went driving last evening, I also came across this old farmstead.   I always wonder what it was like living in such places in their prime, and how sad to see them all crumbling now.    I am intrigued with old houses and barns, I don't think I'm alone in that though!
 5x7 graphite on tan drawing paper  

Monday, January 23, 2017

Rebel with a Cause

I've been doing the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge and its coming down to the last days.   There are so many good things to come of doing such a thing, but one thing isn't so hot--it does take the time I need to work on outside paintings.  

In this case, since I never claimed to be one to follow rules, and the main idea behind the challenge is to work daily, not so much making some complete work daily, I am taking the next day or ? to work on this collie.   So I'm breaking the rules a bit, but eh, its my deal anyhow, and I said at the beginning I wasn't going by any rulebook.    And I just gotta paint this collie now!

I don't usually show my works-in-progress because, well, if it bombs, doing so publicly is worse than even doing it alone!   But since I'm pretty warmed up, I am willing to chance it!    And, all paintings seem to go thru a really ugly, nasty, maybe-it-won't-work stage, not something that  is often the best idea to show off!  

so here goes.... first I sketched the basic outlines and shapes onto my velour paper.  

I  put in the darkest areas first, then a few mid tones, and a few highlights;  doing this helps me keep on track of my values.   I'm stopping here tonight, the left ear done and some of the left side of Sprite's face is about there.   I have the base in for the right ear, and allll this hair, long beautiful hair!   Is it wrong to be jealous of a dog?  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

February 25th, Mitchell SD workshop

Hello!    I've been working hard at my daily paintings for January.    And planning for the upcoming Techniques in Pastel workshop I am offering on February 25th in Mitchell SD, from 10 til 5.   

This is a workshop for those who'd love to give pastel a try.   No huge list to buy for this class, no way!   This class is about using some of what you already have, getting a few things extra, and I am sharing some of my own things as well.   One thing I get asked a LOT is "I don't know where to start, what to even buy!"    Or worse, those who've gotten some pastels and haven't used them.   

We'll go thru what materials are available, and attributes of each.   We'll discuss organizing all these lovely colors into a working palette that's easy to manage.   A bit of time will be spent on ways to take your pastels outdoors for some plein air fun, and how to get those finished pieces home safe and sound.   Framing will also be discussed;   many demos and hands on experimenting. 

There is only a couple weeks left of the early registration, after February 3rd, the price goes up to $60.   So get signed up now for the early price of $50.    Limited class size!  

This class won't be offered again for quite some time, so now's the time to get those pastels out and get dusty!  

Monday, January 9, 2017

Material List for the workshop!

I've gone to several workshops, and each one has a materials needed list.   Its usually a pretty hefty list but normal for working in pastel.    I'm a confirmed pastel-aholic, so that's ok with me. 

But at first, how do you know if you'll buy the right stuff?  Its not cheap, and nobody wants a bunch of stuff you'll never use.  

Well this is your chance, as that is what this workshop is for!   On Saturday, February 25th in Mitchell  I will show you all sorts of papers, pastels, techniques and tools that make pastel work with you.   So the time for the big splurge will be AFTER the class!    Saving you the cost of the class itself.  

This is the class for those already working in other mediums with some level of comfort.    Much of that previous skill you can bring to the easel, I'll help you transfer that to working in pastels.  

I will email you this list and the day's schedule when you register.  And sign up by Feb. 3rd to save $10 off the cost, only $50 for early registration. 

On another note....the last day's effort in my January 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.    See my facebook page for the daily updates!

"Moon Walking" 8x10 pastel on uart500   sold

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Yippee, 2016 is done!   And to ring in the new year, I've signed up for another 30/30, starting today!    This time, I am not worried if I make Fabulous Art;  I'm doing this one for fun.  For ME!   Some days might just be trying out some new idea I have, some scribbles on paper, maybe even just chosing a color scheme for a painting I have in mind.  

But today, I drove down an old dirt road and just had to finally stop just anywhere--my area is so rich with ideas, sometimes just picking one thing, right now, is tough!

                                                   6x9 on grey wallis sanded paper.  

Having my tiny little sketch box is turning out to be great fun!   No longer am I worried about cold, wind or snow!   I do hope to get in as many plein air pieces in for this 30/30 as possible too.    I spent time to prepare, which made all the world the last time I did this challenge.  

And, I have set a date for the upcoming one day class on Techniques in Pastel!   I have a limited class size so sign up right away to be sure you get a spot!