Monday, October 29, 2018

Is "talent" real?

I often hear "I wish I had talent".  Hmm.  I do understand it's meant as a compliment, and I appreciate that.   But art is often seen as this invisible, magical thing that isn't possible for many, if not most, people.  

Here is one of my very first watercolors.  I was in high school when I did this, entered a calendar contest and was included.   It's not bad for a high school kid, but there's plenty of issues with this horse....

   I spent tons of time around horses then, but yet made lots of mistakes.   Here's a more recent sample of a horse portrait....

Did I get more "talent" by now?  How exactly does a person 'get talent' anyhow? Or you either are born with it or not, is that how it works?

Everyone seems to have a desire to do certain things.   I have absolutely no desire to fly but yet my dad loved to.    Same with boats, no thanks!   

I do have the desire however to create.   So within having that I pursue new ways, teachers and ideas.   That is how you 'get talent."

I can't say going for it is always a fun time.   This past weekend I did something along these lines, I took another art class.   A drawing class.   Why?   Because I know the value of this exercise.    Is it fun?  Um, not really.  Honestly, its a beastly amount of work that is tedious at times, and generally doesn't produce a piece of art to sell.

“Amateurs look for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” – Chuck Close
At left is what I spent 3 hours work on this past Saturday.  (No, mine's on the right)   My lines are so light they are invisible, but they are there!  I have hours and hours yet to work on this.   I am copying this master-copy.  Why?  Who wants a copied copy of a....foot?! 

Its called Bargue plates, and they are an old method of teaching and learning to be as accurate as possible in drawing.   Not really a fun time, but the learning that happens certainly is!   These are like scales in music--no one buys a cd of scales to jam out to, but its the learning of them for their own value.   
"Good things come to she who waits...if she works like mad while she's waiting!"
So go out there and claim your talent!   Its just hiding under a pile of effort.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Open House!

....All the boys and girls
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me" (-Three Dog Night)

Fall has almost come and gone already, but I have been asked several times about having an open house YES, I am!

On December 1st and 2nd, I'll have a Holiday Open House, at my house and studio!    I will have lots of new paintings from my trips this year and from home as well, and dont' forget allll those new soaps I've been posting about!  

I will have another little surprise as well, something new I've been working on and will have available during the Open House.  

So make plans to enjoy some cider and cookies, meet up with your friends for a fun afternoon!   (Time to be announced...)