Saturday, April 30, 2016

Turning Grey, The End

A group of young horses were swirling around, snorting and bucking.  The grey colt was prancing around, then seen something in the distance.  He stopped short and turned in the same motion; just at the same time a beam of golden light streaked across the prairie from the setting sun, making the colt glow.  

For this I used some suede board, which makes animals' fur/hair come alive.   

Turning Grey   9x12 on suede board 

And one more concludes my 30 paintings in 30 days project....when riding with my neighbor, we came across this group of trees with pretty purple flowers on the banks. 
Flowered Banks   uart500   7x10  
So this concludes the 30/30, and I am tired!  And happy!   I learned so very much; I think this is one of those things you cannot understand until you actually do it for yourself.   I do admit I need a break tho., just a day or 3 to rest up.   I had done a studio tidy a few days ago but need to put pastels in order yet, this made a mess of them.   My 'wall o' work' is really fun to see!

Every painting is for sale, nothing over $100, many at $50 and under.   If you'd like to make one your own, speak up before someone else does!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bucket Calf

I am almost done with my 30/30 project.   I have learned so many tiny things and highly recommend it.    It feels like so many of the lessons were such small things, it's almost hard to pinpoint.  But some things are pretty easy to see..
  • .I have far more time to paint than I thought.  
  •  I can get a lot done with short but regular bits of time even when busy or tired.  
  • Its a lot of fun to experiment!
  • Small paintings have huge lessons
  • working often means what you are on a roll with continues the next day
  • Having a 'wall of works' is very satisfying!
Today I waited a bit too long and almost didn't paint.  I am tired and just felt like going to bed.  Then I put to use a little trick I use "just 15 minutes"; where for just that time I get busy even if tired.  If after 15, I still feel the same, I let it go.   But often, like tonight, I wasn't going to quit just yet!   

My friend had gotten several bucket calves last year and I brought my camera when I went to go see them.   This little cutie was sunning himself and I just loved his expression!  
8x10 uart500    Bucket Calf  ©CM Cernetisch

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Its' been pretty busy, but I haven't shirked my art; just my blog!   Yesterday was a fun one, I was a guest teacher for Daughter's culinary school, showing them some cheese and yogurt making.   Was a really nice time and everything came out great!

Tonight (this morning?) I post my last 3....

6x9 uart500  "Pelican"

 On my way home from a friend's in Webster SD there are lots of watery places; marshes, creeks, ponds and lakes.   I snapped a reference from my car window.

 I had yet another type of pastel paper in my cupboard and thought to use it up, as there are only 2 pieces and they aren't in the best of condition.    It's LaCarte and altho it has a nice feel, I really dislike the fact any water at all will make the surface fall off.   And maybe last time I tried it I didn't have some of the brands of pastel I do now, as I really enjoyed the way the pigments went on.   It gave an almost dreamy look without even trying.   
6x9  LaCarte     "After Supper"      
6x9 LaCarte   "Summer Day"

And finally, this little scene from a pasture I ride past often during my summer rides.   South Dakota has these really odd colored trees, a Russian olive.   They are silvery green, almost minty colored.   very tricky to paint, and even worse to photograph in a painting!  

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beautiful Day

I chose to use a reference I took years ago in one of my very favorite places to go...the Black Hills.    There used to be a paint out there every fall, and I loved it.   I stayed in this really cute hostel, and used a cooler so I didn't have to leave the hills all day.  

Streams and rocks and misty valleys, every corner lead me to yet another 'best yet' spot.  

5x7 on terra cotta Richardson paper;  "Beautiful Day"

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Night Falls

One of my favorite times to walk or ride is at dusk.   Often, the wind has settled a bit, the frogs are singing, and the skies, oh the skies!    I just never tire of gawking at, and then painting the awesome light shows we have here.    Uninterrupted, open landscapes, quiet and the night air smells so very good.  Especially this time of year when the wild plum is blooming.  

I am having fun experimenting, today I used a homemade surface of ragmat with a jarred primer.   It was clear and the board was white, so it was a bright surface to work on, and fairly course.   At the start of this project I really hated that type of surface, but now, I rather like them quite well.    They keep me in check, so I don't get picky.   On a small scale, I think keeping the images fairly simple, putting down only what's necessary.

5x7 on handmade board    Night Falls

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fresh Air

Spring has sprung and its so nice to get back outside to walk or ride often.   I really love doing skies and clouds, and I get some great subjects while outside.   This was about a mile from my house, out for a little ride.
6x9 uart500, Fresh Air

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sun Spot

My little dog Arty likes to find a bright sun spot every afternoon for a long nap.   Some days its outside, but sometimes he likes the sunbeam that comes thru a very high window in our living room. 

  I had wanted to snap a few reference photos, but he always follows me;  this time tho I was ready!   He did lift his head, and with his ear flipped over, the pose was perfect.   I also very much like the abstract of the sun spot vs. his little scruffy body.   And he always has a toy nearby.  

This one was done around 1 am, so I was too tired to post.   Its the biggest yet, 10x12.   
But it was really fun, I just love this little guy and he slept at my feet while I painted him.    He didn't seem impressed.

10x12 black colorfix paper   Sun Spot

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Today I thought I'd paint that rooster I had photographed earlier this year; figured it would go well with yesterday's hen!  
"Rooster"   5x6  uart500
I am still seeing tons of benefits of painting small and often.   Even when I really don't feel like painting, I am getting in the studio and funny how once started, I find I am much more 'into' it than I thought.  So that old idea of not waiting for inspiration is very true!  Just get to it and the muse will appear! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Sky is Falling!

Almost felt like it today, rained all day.   I also cleaned the chicken coop.  The whole thing.  New bedding in the nest boxes, washed walls and roosting bars.   It was a ton of work but sure feels nice to know my ladies are living well.   But, I am thinking egg prices might go 12.95....each.  Haha!  

So today was the day I should paint this little white hen.   I sold her and her sister a few weeks ago as the older hens wouldn't let her roost at night.   But not before I got a nice sunny reference photo.

5x8 uart 500 paper.    "The Sky is Falling"

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rainy Sunday

That's not a title, but it could be!   Today was very rainy, so I started off by re-doing my pastel cabinet.   I forgot to take a before, I was so excited to get it done!   It was that retro 70's pecan, with ugly handles.   A week ago one of the handles broke, sending all my pencils and other stuff flying to the floor.   So I went on ebay to look at vintage ones--and found these in copper, I love copper!   A bit of chalk paint and wax, and it brightened it right up.

starting with a charcoal sketch on pre-toned grey uart
 Then it was time to do some real painting!   I felt like doing something....not sunny, and took out a paper I'd previously toned a middle grey.

This little coop sits north of town, where there used to be a house and other buildings.  Now this is all that is remaining, and I liked how the path zigzagged to the coop.   My reference is much more flat, as it was a cold winter's day, but I added a stronger sunlight. 

8x10 uart500    "All That's Left"

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Double Daily?

Its raining, cold and grey.  Perfect time for soup and fresh bread!    I made a loaf of a 'daily' type white bread, nothing fancy but it sure came out pretty.   So hey, I can change plans of what I was going to paint today, why waste a good thing? 

6x8  black colorfix paper     Daily Bread
I had to do it from a photo, even tho I had the real thing, as once my husband smelled it, I only had a very short time to work!   It was like taking a photo of wildlife!      I put the bread on a very clean, white flour sack cloth.   The folds and shadows were very challenging

Friday, April 15, 2016

Desmet Again

I believe I've mentioned the Desmet paint out before, it's one of my favorites.   I missed it last year but hope to get there again this year. 

Every hour a wagon pulls up to the old school house and a new group get the experience.  The bell gets rung, and guests sit in the desks, wearing a bonnet if they would like!   There are barrel planters of flowers out front, and a hitching rail.   

5x7 uart500   Schoolhouse
I've seen several of these buildings around the state, and they have such great character and big windows, I can't help but think what a great studio that would be!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A sucker for raspberry!

Raspberry is a favorite flavor, and my daughter brought a couple of these tootsie-pops home for me.   On a whim I put one in an old baby food jar I had sitting on the window ledge.   The sun came thru and highlighted this set up and I knew it had to be painted!

This however was months (a year?) ago!   Another bonus of working small--I can get to all those 'someday' ideas!   I'm burning thru ideas daily!   Some might be done up as a larger work, but mostly I think I'm happy just letting them be what they are. 

Another side effect of this small painting, daily painting in general I suppose, is that I think about art sooo much more!   I've got art on my mind all day long!   How I'll paint that idea I have, how I'd chose for a color I see in the grasses, how that line merges with the background.....I am noticing so much more when I am riding, hiking, just doing chores.  

And it is feeling so fluid!   Often I let too much time go before I get some art time in.  Then I feel stiff and rusty.  Not today!    Altho I will be honest, doing it daily is tough!   Really hard!   I am busy like everyone else, but knowing I want to do this project has been a terrific push.   I am highly recommending it, as so many have to me!   They were right.
5x7 on black colorfix paper    "Raspberry Sucker"

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's Tomorrow Already!

So today's post is actually late enough to be tomorrow already!   I awoke to a picture perfect day and went for a nice long ride, so painting came late today.  

I picked something simple that I'd seen on a walk just days ago.   I used another piece of 5x7 red Richardson paper--and now I am ready to recant my earlier poo-pooing of this paper!   It wouldn't work for me for everything, but for some things its pretty good--I like letting bits of that deep red show thru, in real life these little gems sparkle.   If you'd like to see any of them in person, just let me know!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Itty Bitty Berry for Day 12

Today I have a strawberry.   It came from my friend's house, she had it just sitting in her window and I had just thought earlier that I'd like to do something small and 'singular'.   It was pretty quick and fun!

4x6  Single Berry  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Now Why Don't She Write?*

*(ten points for the one who knows where that line came from!)

Yesterday I went on a little adventure, to pick up a pony cart in Custer.  My friend bought it, she asked me to go along.   Sounded like a good time!   Except the "pick you up at 6am" part.   That wasn't so fun for a night owl type such as myself.

But I managed, and had a great time doing it.  We made a wrong turn which may have turned out nicely, as we found a neat little camping place for horses! 

Then we found the place, had a fine time talking horse to the owners, seeing their Freisians who did some tricks for us! 

I will be honest, we were home in time to do my painting, but, I didn't.   I was tired.  And my Nora-goat had her babies, triplets!   I also had to bed down the 2 chicks I got in Rapid City, they'd already had a long day.  

5x7   Pasture Sunset
But tonight I just got out a small 5x7 brick red Richardson paper, and a reference I've been eyeing a while now.  It was somewhat more complex, but being tired, and it's late, that kept me from getting too picky.   I wanted to convey the feeling but not spell it out.  It went down quick and I like the results.    Its a view I see almost nightly, as its the treeline between our barnyard and the horse pasture.  

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 9; Spring Kid

Painting small is giving me the opportunity to paint all those references and ideas I have saved up, without making it a real big deal to just pick one.   After all, if it doesn't work, I dont' have a month, or even a week, invested!   So it is rather freeing.   

Today is a 6x9 of one of last year's kids.  They are really hard to sketch or take photos, they are always on the move!  But I got this little fella with the sun hitting him just right.

Uart 500grit was used, and this time I did a watercolor underwash first.   

6x8  uart500    Spring Kid

# 8 is late

I tried to paint earlier yesterday.  I painted a grove of trees.  And it was awful!  Daughter thought not, but I thought it was so bad, I will not show it.   I tried to rework it, and that killed any chance of it's survival.  

Part of the trouble was it was nice out and all I wanted to do was go work with a horse.  So I rushed.  You can't rush a good thing, and no matter how many others say painting earlier in the day is best, maybe not for everyone!    Being a bona fide night owl, I am learning I might be better to paint later, when all the outside fun is over.  When Stableboy and Daughter don't need me for anything, and even the dogs are less active.  

So I threw away the offending work, and started another.   I was kinda tired, but knew if I didn't get one done, I'd lay in bed tired but very frustrated.     This is what came of it, and I was happy I pushed on.  
6x9 uart 500  Pasture Trail Study

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 7

Today was another windy one.   I live near this old homestead and find it interesting, wondering what the life was like for those who occupied it so long ago.   On the north side of the house, I can see where extra rooms were added, was that for children?   Older relatives?   Maybe I'll find out someday.
This little study was done on a 5x7 red Richardson paper.  

For other news, I finally got a chair, a real, new, awesome new chair for my easel.   I don't often sit but I'd like the option, and have never found the perfect stool until...
Knowing it was on the way, I procrastinated studio time, so I went ahead to another project first....
I made a clothespin bag from this cute little baby dress!   I sewed the bottom, and a bit of the back to leave room for my hand but not so big that the pins fly out.   I got the dress at the thrift shop who let me have the red hanger as well.   holds tons of pins, and I like seeing a little girl's dress on the line again, even if its just to hold clothespins!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 5 & 6

Last evening I had a private class in my studio, and planned to use the demo as my daily painting.  We were working with underpaintings on sanded paper, and it started out well enough.   Then it fell apart a little.  Then it fell apart a LOT.  

I tried to revive it, but it was hopeless.   I generally push thru and often times it turns out, but this one, no, this one was done.  

Part of my problem was one I was just telling this same student about last class--keep your sketch the same proportion as your surface.   I did not.   Sometimes you can crop, but this was not an option.   So I brushed it all off, set it aside, and took out a small, longer piece.   And I tried again.   At 12:30pm, it was time for bed but I felt I had done what I wanted.

5x10 Spring Rains    uart500    On a trip to town I seen this and loved the simple, open feel.

8x10   Roggow Farm   uart500

This morning I did not feel like doing a thing, and its horribly windy.   But, I thought I'd at least start my painting for today.   I used the surface I botched up last night.  

Our neighbors farm just peeks over the trees and brush.   I planned on adding cattle, but somehow flowers came out instead.  

Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 4, Resting

No, I'm not resting, today was another perfect spring day, and I spent most of it outside with horses.   So, again, I am painting late!   But this one felt really good going on, and I'm happy with it.

I've noticed its easy to feel rushed painting later in the day, but that's not true, I can paint as long as I like!   Since I am working small for this project, it gives me the freedom to enjoy the day as I did, and still have plenty of studio time.  Another bonus of working small.

I took the reference while visiting a friend near Webster.  (Hi Connie!)   She is also an artist, and we went sightseeing, what fun!!   These 2 fellas were enjoying the late afternoon sun.  Even at rest, they have a powerful presence about them. 

I used a 5 1/2 x 10 1/2 Uart 500 mounted to mat board (rag).   I like this better than the foam board pieces for some reason.   I used my laptop to display the photo up to a point, then I just go with what feels good.  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 3, Day's End

Today was a beautiful Sunday, sunny, warm, and perfect for riding!  

Being in nature never gets old.   Especially on a horse!    I am seeing that painting earlier in the day would be a good idea, but yet I am still working in the evening.   When its so nice out, I just can't stay inside.  I am thinking I might have to do some plein air for my daily work!

Today I had a sunset ready to work, and I decided on 8x10, Uart500.   I toned it with an alcohol wash in some intense colors!    I did this knowing what direction was going to go with it.  
Then finished it out using lots of complimentary colors. I love those cloud shows!
Day's End 8x10   $100 shipped

Day 2, DeSmet

For my second daily, I did a scene from an art trip to DeSmet, one of my favorite paint outs.  

I used Uart 500 paper, and its about 6x8 or so, mounted to foam board.

I posted this yesterday on my facebook pages, but it was kinda washy, so I did a better job today.  And Blogger wasn't playing nice and letting me on.  Ah, the fun of computers!

Friday, April 1, 2016

In the Beginning.....

....there was snow.  April 1st and I awoke to a white world.   And the excitement of today is the day!  The day I start my first 30/30.   Thirty paintings in 30 days.   This has been done by many others, and I thought its time I give it a go myself.

Because the task is a fairly hefty undertaking, the paintings are often small, as mine will also be.  But, there are lots of good things that  painting small can deliver.   First of all, you can start and finish in one day, usually in one setting.  That's really nice, since sometimes the very idea of getting to the studio is hard;  its like its overwhelming, even tho that is just what I want to do. 

For today, I used a 5x7 brick red Richardson paper.  Not sure about this stuff, it has lots of grit to grab pastel, but almost too 'big' of grit, like small rocks.  As I worked tho I found some ways to use that in my favor. I did love the red color, and look forward to painting something greener on a piece later on.

I will post my progress both here and on my facebook page, at least for now.   I may not post daily, but at least a couple times per week.  Join me!  I am not big into rules, so I dont' have any for this self imposed assignment, only to paint something daily, something small, and something just for me.   They will be for sale, but the subjects will be things I've had in mind for ages.  Some may be used for ideas for a larger painting, most probably won't.   Sizes will vary, and I will share some insights of what I am learning as I go.
The start of my first entry in my 30/30.   Blocked in the darks and lights.

Completed!  I see I'm going to have to improve my camera skills, as its not quite true to color.