Saturday, June 20, 2015

Long time; No blog

Summer finds me chasing my tail at times, the last few weeks had me on the far west side of Nebraska, riding with my mom and daughter at Ft. Robinson;  then back home for a whole night, loaded up and gone again to Iowa to take mom back home.  Eastern Iowa, 10 hours from home.   For a gal who seldom goes too far, whew!!
Stunning views at Ft. Robinson, NE

Before this trip, I did a paint-along day with some fun ladies in Dallas, Sd.   They were a great group that was willing to just jump in and give it a go!    I especially liked how each one did their own work just a bit differently, no cookie-cutter paintings here!
And now I am getting back to what I do--riding and painting.   This year I have a goal to do much more sketching when I go riding.  Well, not exactly *when* I am riding, but on locations that I can only get to by horse.     Today was one of those days.

"HOW far we goin??"
I didn't get fancy today, just a small sketchpad and a favorite freebie pen stuffed into my saddle bags.

After riding a couple hours, I got on top of this hill, the breeze was sweet and the view was good.   Copper enjoyed some grass while I did this little sketch for a few minutes.   I also snapped a photo of it as well.   It remains to be seen whether or not I turn it into a painting, but the main point here is just to get out and sketch!    Even little quick things like this improve your eye.   And its just plain old fun!    It always makes me try to remember why I don't do this more often?!   This year I will.