Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Frame Building

This is not my idea of fun.   But, I think its something necessary for me to do, so I'm trying.   Building frames isn't as easy as it sounds.   Those corners must be perfectly mitered and smooth.   The rails--the 'legs' of each side--must match perfectly in length.  Perfectly!   No room for sloppy cuts or mis-measurments.    I have found it a steep learning curve. 

Above you see the dreaded gappy corner, nooooo!   argh!!  poo!!

After doing some more googling, making a phone call and searching a framing forum, I have finally created a smooth, sweet corner!   Yeah!   Its still in the vise as you can see, but after so much struggle, its sure feels great to finally succeed!  

One of my biggest trouble areas was since I am using brads to finish them, I was popping my joins apart doing the tapping.   I have now let the glue set up a good long while before I go hammering, and use a be-headed brad as the drill for a pilot hole so its nice and snug.  I hope now my putty will dry up before I can use it all!