Monday, May 9, 2016

Evening Service

Evening Service   10x12 on colorfix paper    $115.

Another piece from DeSmet;  my friend Connie and I stayed in this spot for well over an hour, probably well over 2 hours, watching the amazing cloud formations and full moon.   Just as it got a bit darker, the lights in this little country church started to glow out the windows, what a sight!   With the full moon behind, and yet still lit from the setting sun, how could I help myself!? 

This was done alla prima, "all in one setting".   After my 30 in 30 project, it felt very natural to step into my studio, late at night and paint.  In fact, it felt really good.  This is 10x12 on a dark dusty blue paper, so some of my work was already done for me.   I found some things kind of hard--my 'go to' dark cool green wasn't even near close enough dark this time!   In this situation, it looked maybe even lighter than a middle value.    I found this same thing several times as I worked, nocturnal painting is tricky!  

Here is my 'wall of work'.   All but 2 of my 30/30 paintings, taped to my wall behind my easel.  I like seeing them all together!     Now to start framing some of them.    

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Plein Air again!

Ah, I just love to paint outside.   It doesn't even matter that much if the piece turns out, just the experience is worth the effort.  

I love my full french easel, I guess when I am getting 'serious', but some days I just head out with my sketchbox.   A lightweight folding camp chair and a messenger bag with extras, and I'm good to go!     

My sketchbox doesn't have a ton of pastels, but its plenty.   I also have a few pastel pencils tucked in; a warm and cool grey, a black, a white charcoal pencil, a pale yellow and ochre green.   As a pencil gets short in the studio, I save them for my sketchbox.  

Arty came along and chased frogs and birds while I painted.   The wildlife was so loud!  

With a storm moving in, it was very still and the colors were subtle, doubled by the large 'pond' from the heavy rains all week.    I did an underwash of a sienna tone on uart paper.    I liked the way the old corn stalks looked like whisker stubble!

plein air--May 6    uart500   6x12