Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Plein Air Season!

Some of the paintings from the DeSmet Event.   The one on the far left was my winning piece.
Long ago I'd feel guilty at being outside all day long, and not doing any art or studio time.   But when I did stay in, eww, I want to be OUT!   So plein aire to the rescue!

Plein air...."painting outside from life".   Perfect!   And even better is a plein air event where I can see other's works, talk art and just have a great time painting somewhere new.  

One of my fav's is DeSmet.   This year was great!   I painted 9 pieces total, and one demo on Saturday.   Then the show on Sunday was quite exciting...I shared the award of Artist's Choice with my very good friend Connie Gisi.    She's taken up pastels just recently and her piece was outstanding!   How fun is that!?   We camp together in our vehicles, and our dogs wrestle for hours.   A great way to spend the weekend!

The next weekend had me running like a crazy lady, the 2nd Annual Sketch Crawl in Sioux Falls.   I've never done one of these, and didn't know what to expect.  Fun, that's what to expect!   Another day having a blast with artist friends and my sketching tools.    I was exhausted, as we had 5 hours to do 5 locations (pre-determined by the organizer and gave us maps), then show our sketchbooks by 3pm.   whew!   That was SO not in my norm; I generally go for quiet nature scenes and here I was, downtown amid the hustle and noise, doing urban scenes!   In pen/ink, walnut and black both, plus watercolors.   But it was great to stretch myself in this way, and made for a good nights sleep too!  
the last sketch--just feet into the Falls park!  I only had one hour left!

The 2nd and 3rd sketches
Sketch one and 2.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Back to the Easel

While out riding, I am always on the hunt for reference material--a cloud, a grouping of trees, animals;  just whatever makes me take pause and I snap as many photos as I can.   Nowdays I generally use my phone, as I dont' want 'great' photos anyhow.  

This is one of those days.  I was riding with a friend, and this little spot always catches my eye.   She noticed it too!  

Its the level B road going to a neighbor's place.   As usual, I did change a few things, but had a lot of fun painting it.  It flowed pretty easily and quick, and I think its finished.  It will get a snazzy frame and come along with me to the DeSmet Paint Out in 2 weeks.   
Road to Robbie's; 7x12 pastel   $120