Monday, May 15, 2017

Summertime is Busy time!

I always thought empty nesters were just saying they were busy to feel important. Ha!  Wrong again!   I am swamped with things going on.  But all of them good!  Like these...

"Boundless" 10x16 pastel on sanded paper SOLD
A big thanks to SD Art Museum in Brookings.   They accepted 5 paintings for the retail shop and sold one before it hit the wall!   That's how I like it!  Thanks!
They also have a large assortment of my soaps too, so stop in and stock up!

I was able to attend my friend Jan Sohl's artist reception in Sioux Falls.  Fantastic work by a fine lady.  

Piper Art Gallery in Sioux Falls accepted a 3 new paintings, and I also left 2 for the Weathered exhibit in Sioux Falls.  

Whew!   That was just on Thursday!
24x30 Summer Solstice;  pastel
This one is part of the weathered exhibit, along with a smaller painting.  I got a sneak peak and its going to be a great show, stop in to the Center for Western Studies, it'll be worth your time!