Thursday, December 31, 2015


This time of year, lots of people are thinking of what changes they want to see in the coming new year.   I just don't put a lot of stock in resolutions, but I have made some changes, to my studio!
My dear Stableboy built me a wall, where some very ugly curtains once hung, to separate the storage room of our home, from my painting area. 
I used closet doors to keep as much space as possible in both rooms, and used branches for handles as I like natural elements. 

I painted it a cream color as I wanted to keep it fairly neutral but warm, so not to confuse my color choices since this wall is directly behind my easel.   Trim is all dove grey.

  I put a picture rail up to the left of the doors, as I need a place to leave works to 'simmer' a while before I am sure its done.

And for fun, I used a vintage enamel pot as a pendant light shade over my seating areas, so I can read all my art books!

I love this change, and am itching to get back to the easel, bring on 2016!

Monday, December 7, 2015

That's All Folks

The Studio Open House was a great success!   Many paintings found new homes, (congratulations to the new owners!)and there's going to be lots of clean people around--if the amount of soaps sold is any hint!   

 I love selling my art!   But not just for the cash, which is nice of course!   Knowing someone likes my work to let it show in their homes, now *thats* the real prize!  

Some are hard to see go, new and old favorites both.   I don't wish to become a storage facility though, so go they must.   And its good fun to see the happiness my work brings to those who take it home.   I also listen to what people say when viewing my work, how they see it, feel about it, what makes them go for one piece and not another.  

Something I gathered during this event was many of my plein air pieces were most interesting to others as well.  I believe my goal of expressing what I felt when at that location is coming thru to viewers, and they are responding to it.   This is great news to me.    It confirms what I've always been told---paint what you love, and others will love it too. 

My mudroom transformed nicely into a gallery!

I used my graphic display panels for paintings.

I love old stuff, and use this awesome hutch and older desk for soap display