Friday, October 23, 2015

Pochade Puppy

I had a birthday recently, and my husband surprised me (understatement!!) with a little black puppy.    Its a Pochade Terrier.  No, not really, I made that up, its a Patterdale Terrier.      

But for me, the first 'name' was more appropriate. Generally, pochades use a small, portable format.  I love to go to paint outs.   One of my favorite things of all to do.   I do not like hotels however, so I stay in my tahoe, which I fondly refer to as Big Alyce, or my 'taho-tel'.   And I have thought to get a small dog to take along, who wouldn't overcrowd Big Alyce, and be a companion and night-watchman.    

Meet Arty!  

And I've been spending gobs of time teaching little Arty neat stuff like not to make piddles on the floor, how to wake me up every few hours, and even to sit!   

River Ride 8x10framed     $145.
But Arty has been showing me something too---often time when we come inside (again), he makes a break for the studio, as fast as 4 inch legs can take him!   He loves that room.   and I got to thinking, gee, maybe I should be more like Arty!   

I've been doing some commission paintings that I cannot show as of yet, but did do an 8x10 of a place I went riding with Stableboy, above the Missouri River.  

But if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a tip from Arty and make a break for the studio!   

Til next time!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Paint Out!

Belle Fourche paint out was a great time!   3 days of painting in a historic town.  

 The first morning was raining and cold, but I still managed a painting after eggs at a cafe.   It can be fun to paint a day different than the sunny perfect type!     The rest of the weekend was great weather, a good turn out for the show/sale, and always good to meet up with fellow artists again.   Since being an artist is often done solo, this sort of gathering means a lot to me.

and of course, again, no photos.  I know, I know!  when am I going to learn?   Thankfully, Marcy, the coordinator, actually did snap one with her ipad.   Thanks, Marcy!

All 7 of the weekend's paintings found a new home!  And one was a winner in the show--2nd place!

A big thanks to the work of those who put on such events, and also to the people who come and support us.