Thursday, March 5, 2015

An Artist Just Paints All Day

Preliminary sketch of Spook,who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Well, that's what many believe and most artists wish were true, but boy is that ever wrong!!

Today, this week in fact, this artist hasn't touched a drawing, pencil or pastel in an artsy way whatsoever.  So what did I do all week you ask?

  • Updated my website
  • Got a new email for my art site
  • Signed up for Fed Ex online to ship from home
  • Shipped out a large painting
  • Checked the supply list to a workshop I've signed up for
  • Checked supplies to fill that list
  • Several correspondences with new and previous client,
  • Started a new Facebook page just for my art
  • Cleaned the studio (just a little!)
  • Bought some supplies in a bigger town while on a trip with Daughter
  • Cut a mat, chop a frame and frame the painting
  • Taught a class of 12 teenagers

That's besides the stuff everybody's gotta do like bills, housework, cooking and being a mom and wife and caretaker of my animals.

So sometimes, sure, an artist has the luxury of spending a ton of time on a painting, fully immersed and zoned out to the world and its great!   But, other times its just plain old icky work!   And like many artists, I have to do all those jobs myself.

Today I do want to give a huge shout out Thank You to godaddy--this site has real people to answer the phone and the kindest fella, Michael, walked me thru a lot of the website updates.    I highly recommend this site for domain names, websites and email that is all connected, making things easier.   
The final painting still on the easel with the printed photo.   The owner told me the horse was black, so I had to rely my own knowledge of horse colors as the photo shows too much red/rusty tones.

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