Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Just a quick hello!

As we head into the New Year, I have joined up with other artists to do another 30/30!   Every day for the month of January I plan to do a small painting; it might be nothing more than an experiment, or some little thing I've been wanting to try.   Working small and daily frees my mind up, and there's not a lot of materials involved so it removes that fear of failure.   This round I am not going to hold myself to making something complete, as long as I put pastel or pencil to paper daily!   Its still pretty tough to do!

I also have been wanting to get outside to paint but BRRRR!   I'm made of pretty sturdy stuff but I ain't going to stand in SD winds to paint!    I had been planning to fix this little wooden box into a "Front Seat Pochade" for some time; now I can use it for this challenge.    Now I can sit in my car, hot cuppa nearby, tunes playing, even Arty can come along!   What fun!!   Painting snow without the frostbite!

I tried it out this morning, just something from memory to try it on.  Yeah, I like it!   Hey Mikey!   (just aged myself there, didn't I?)   My new little thumb box* will suit me just fine!  

*thumb box is the term, as long ago artists used to make a box so small, they only needed to hold them with their thumb to do field sketches, long before cameras, to make a snapshot so to speak!

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