Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Simple Life

I am trying more every year to keep my life simple.    One of the simplest ways to learn to draw, to learn to paint better, learn to SEE better, is to go out painting plein air.   Now, this isn't saying simple is easy, oh no, dear friend, far from it!   As an art buddy said to me recently, "the simple life is a lot of work!"  yup! 

To go do a simple plein air sketch, you gotta have your gear at the ready, and packed in the car is best.  I loaded my 3 set ups a few weeks ago and have gotten out a few times.    I always wonder why I dont' go more, and fully intend to; just somehow doesn't always turn out that way.  

But with my gear loaded, its pretty easy to just hop in the car and go!   Here's my sketches of recent...

Wet Road 5x5 pastel on canson paper   I didnt' even bother with sketchbook for a thumbnail, and this set fits in my lap in the drivers' seat, its very small!   Its somewhat a limited set but I was able to get what I wanted for the most part.

Field Studies, 6x6 and 6x9 copyrightCMCernetisch    These 2 are from sunnier days than the top on, and were both done on uart paper, with an underwash that you can still see.  

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