Monday, April 22, 2019

Hiking and painting

Several years ago I got a very thin, very light backpack as a freebie at the Belle Forche paint out.   Today was the first time I took it out as a backpack and its perfect!  I've kept this little plein air kit in my car for a few years now, but its so small and lightweight I decided to take it hiking with me today.     I added a cheap rubber-backed rug  to sit on, as I won't be toting a chair into the woods that far, but still don't want a wet keister nor sit on a sticker bush.

The dogs and I headed out around one pm, its very overcast but still warm.  I used a sanded paper to tackle this little scene; I've passed it hundred times and always wished I had my supplies.  I've taken lots of photos of this, and delete them all, they just turn out too dull.   I'll be doing this lots more, so easy and way fun! 
5x7 on sanded paper, toned dark green  

my smallest plein air kit--a rubber backed rug, a very lightweight backpack, and a cigar box pochade.  I used the back of the painting surface for doing the prelim thumbnail.   I also added some a few lines of notes on the back, about the weather, the date, and where I was.   I bring home the little painting in the bag, within the slick pages of an art magazine.  

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