Friday, May 9, 2014

Saddle Day

As I mentioned, some of my blog will be related to things other than art.  And today is one of those--its saddle day!   A couple weeks ago a good family friend gave to us a very unique saddle.  After a google search, I learned its a WW11 Japanese Calvary Saddle, cool huh?!   He said he's had it 50 years or more and doesn't remember where he got it.   Stableboy and I looked it over and it doesn't look like any saddle we'd ever seen, nor does it look like its seen any miles on a horse.    But, it was dirty and has a nice wasp condo inside.  today is really nice out, so I got busy.  This thing comes apart right down to the tree, which seems like wood covered with a fiberglass type stuff--but since that wasn't around then, not sure what it really is. 

The under side has panels for padding, and are filled with horse hair.   its quilted with tough string.    
Here is the final project, clean, oiled and I added new leathers, stirrups and a wool girth. pony pony!

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