Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's so Messy!

That's the remark I hear often by those who've tried pastel.   And yes, to an extent, it IS messy--is that so bad?   I looked like I rolled in it when I first started, but have since learned to contain it a bit more.   Here's just a couple ideas of how...
Here is how I keep from smearing areas I've already worked on.   Simple old tracing paper.  I use low tack tape, and cover the area with the tracing paper.   Newsprint or other opaque papers bother me as I cannot see what I've done, therefore cannot adjust my values, etc. on the new area.  
My cane hooked over the drawing board, on the easel.

Second tip is my handy dandy cane.  Bought from a flea market, I hook it on the top of my drawing board, and it works like a maul stick, but better.    I can get to an area without taking the chance of smudging.     I also put a rubber tip on the end. 
Anybody guess what this tip is/was?

I use the cane for small areas, and the tracing paper when I need to just leave it a while, as in the portrait I was working on--it was going to take a while to complete the man's face.   But in this small landscape, I just wanted to add some highlights, so the cane was quick and simple. 
  It'd be more fun to have a cane from a loved one, but since I didn't, I imagine this was from a sweet old grandfatherly type.   I know, kinda odd, but its my little world and if I want a happy cane, so be it!  haha!

For keeping myself cleaner, I usually wear an apron, and keep baby wipes or damp rag nearby for wiping fingers.  I do not like having my pastels dirty, it makes choosing more difficult as I cannot see the real color.   I don't much like gloves, but occasionally wear finger cots.    Other than these things, I just don't worry about it!  

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