Wednesday, August 17, 2016

DeSmet Paint Out

Whew!   This one might be long, so go grab a cuppa and sit for a bit with me....

The annual DeSmet paint out, thru the Harvey Dunn Society was held this past weekend.  I heard there were over 50 artists!   No wonder, its a really good paint out!

The little church at the Laura Ingall's homestead site

And there is never a lack of subjects; no matter if you are into scenery or architecture.

Heading home, and our little home on wheels is a mess!
I arrived on Thursday so I could drive around and get the feel for the place again.   Arty was a real trooper, and his favorite spot was our bed that is in the back of my tahoe.  

It rained hard with strong winds Thursday night and I really felt for those poor souls who camped in tents!   We were snug in our Tahotel!

On Friday afternoon, we had some funnel
Painting about 10 minutes after the funnel clouds!   This is my
full french easel and golfing umbrella.   The towel is from
my shower, getting sun dried.
The road went right thru this pond, and when I
walked or drove slowly, several turtles and hundreds
of frogs jumped!
clouds move in.  I heard they took a roof off!    I seen 3 of them, and within another 10 minutes, the sky was bright blue again!

I used both of my painting set ups....full french easel and my homemade pochade box.   I decide on a subject then choose the set up that would work best; if the view is better at a lower eye level, I sit and use the pochade in my lap.   Those pieces are also the smaller ones, as it can only go 9x12.   For larger sizes my french easel comes out.

I know many have tossed out the good old french easel for being too heavy and awkward to set up, but for pastels, I think its about the best.   It protects the pastels so very well, and holds many, along with extra supplies.  Solid and sturdy in winds, and can hold a fairly large paper.  

Mine is a Mabef and its been around a while, abused and used and is still in great condition.   There are ways to use a cart if its too heavy, but I usually don't take it much further than this from my car.  

I completed 6 small works, all on Uart paper.    Three of those found new homes at the wet paint sale on Sunday.  And as usual, I didn't get photos until they were in frames and glass = glare!    

I also sold a few of my 30/30 paintings from April, as this paint out sale allowed up to 6 'other' works.
A huge THANK YOU!  to those who bought my work!

Some of the remaining 30/30 paintings I had along went to the South Dakota Art Museum in Brookings for their gift shop.   They have been selling my goat milk soaps for some time now, and I am excited to have my paintings there now too!  

This paint out is already scheduled in for the second weekend in August, 2017.   I am going to do a pastel demo there on Saturday; mark the calendar!    I would love to see you there and answer any pastel questions you have.

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