Friday, August 5, 2016

Dog Days Special!


"Tater"   private collection
"Queenie"  private collection

A portrait ready to hang or gift.   $135 in August only!
August is known for its hot 'dog days' of summer.   As I was out riding, I had a brainstorm....

For the month of August, I will donate $20 to our local rescue, Rescues Unlimited, for every dog portrait booked and paid in full.  

Those folks do a good job, taking in and caring for dogs others have let down.   Then finding them homes, often keeping them for quite some time, on their own budget, until someone comes along to claim them into their family.  

I love dogs, and have wanted to help this Rescue, and what a perfect match!   So, all I need is a good photo; either yours or if within a close range, I can take them myself.

  You will get an 8x10 pastel portrait, in a presentation frame ready to hang or give as a gift.  

The Rescue will get $20 for each painting, which they will use for a large vet bill to help a little puppy who needs an operation.  

This offer is good all thru August--we need not finalize the painting, but it must be paid for by the end of August so I can get the monies to the Rescue.   Only $135 (plus tax) thru August only.   

So let's get that puppy her operation!  

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