Monday, August 8, 2016

Name that Painting!

Avera project  16x20, up for auction on August 20th!
This weekend I completed a painting that I had been asked to do for the Avera Gregory Hospital Beefsteak Banquet live auction on August 20th.   It was to be 'hills, scenery, something from around Gregory county."   So this piece was stitched together from 3-4 places very close to my home.   
Here is the beginning....a 16x20 piece of uart600, and an underwash.

I had already added some pastel in the sky by this time, the blue, but the rest is just the underpainting.   That helps get rid of the white 'holes' and gets things moving much quicker.

Part of the fun is the winner gets to name the painting!  I wish I had someone help me name them all, that can be hard!   

And don't forget my Dog Days Special, where some of the proceeds of each dog portrait thru the month of August will go to the Rescues Unlimited shelter for vet bills.   Help a dog out!  

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