Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 3, Day's End

Today was a beautiful Sunday, sunny, warm, and perfect for riding!  

Being in nature never gets old.   Especially on a horse!    I am seeing that painting earlier in the day would be a good idea, but yet I am still working in the evening.   When its so nice out, I just can't stay inside.  I am thinking I might have to do some plein air for my daily work!

Today I had a sunset ready to work, and I decided on 8x10, Uart500.   I toned it with an alcohol wash in some intense colors!    I did this knowing what direction was going to go with it.  
Then finished it out using lots of complimentary colors. I love those cloud shows!
Day's End 8x10   $100 shipped

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Unknown said...

Thanks, Chris! Great to see your painting process!