Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 7

Today was another windy one.   I live near this old homestead and find it interesting, wondering what the life was like for those who occupied it so long ago.   On the north side of the house, I can see where extra rooms were added, was that for children?   Older relatives?   Maybe I'll find out someday.
This little study was done on a 5x7 red Richardson paper.  

For other news, I finally got a chair, a real, new, awesome new chair for my easel.   I don't often sit but I'd like the option, and have never found the perfect stool until...
Knowing it was on the way, I procrastinated studio time, so I went ahead to another project first....
I made a clothespin bag from this cute little baby dress!   I sewed the bottom, and a bit of the back to leave room for my hand but not so big that the pins fly out.   I got the dress at the thrift shop who let me have the red hanger as well.   holds tons of pins, and I like seeing a little girl's dress on the line again, even if its just to hold clothespins!

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