Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Its' been pretty busy, but I haven't shirked my art; just my blog!   Yesterday was a fun one, I was a guest teacher for Daughter's culinary school, showing them some cheese and yogurt making.   Was a really nice time and everything came out great!

Tonight (this morning?) I post my last 3....

6x9 uart500  "Pelican"

 On my way home from a friend's in Webster SD there are lots of watery places; marshes, creeks, ponds and lakes.   I snapped a reference from my car window.

 I had yet another type of pastel paper in my cupboard and thought to use it up, as there are only 2 pieces and they aren't in the best of condition.    It's LaCarte and altho it has a nice feel, I really dislike the fact any water at all will make the surface fall off.   And maybe last time I tried it I didn't have some of the brands of pastel I do now, as I really enjoyed the way the pigments went on.   It gave an almost dreamy look without even trying.   
6x9  LaCarte     "After Supper"      
6x9 LaCarte   "Summer Day"

And finally, this little scene from a pasture I ride past often during my summer rides.   South Dakota has these really odd colored trees, a Russian olive.   They are silvery green, almost minty colored.   very tricky to paint, and even worse to photograph in a painting!  

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