Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rainy Sunday

That's not a title, but it could be!   Today was very rainy, so I started off by re-doing my pastel cabinet.   I forgot to take a before, I was so excited to get it done!   It was that retro 70's pecan, with ugly handles.   A week ago one of the handles broke, sending all my pencils and other stuff flying to the floor.   So I went on ebay to look at vintage ones--and found these in copper, I love copper!   A bit of chalk paint and wax, and it brightened it right up.

starting with a charcoal sketch on pre-toned grey uart
 Then it was time to do some real painting!   I felt like doing something....not sunny, and took out a paper I'd previously toned a middle grey.

This little coop sits north of town, where there used to be a house and other buildings.  Now this is all that is remaining, and I liked how the path zigzagged to the coop.   My reference is much more flat, as it was a cold winter's day, but I added a stronger sunlight. 

8x10 uart500    "All That's Left"

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