Saturday, April 23, 2016

Night Falls

One of my favorite times to walk or ride is at dusk.   Often, the wind has settled a bit, the frogs are singing, and the skies, oh the skies!    I just never tire of gawking at, and then painting the awesome light shows we have here.    Uninterrupted, open landscapes, quiet and the night air smells so very good.  Especially this time of year when the wild plum is blooming.  

I am having fun experimenting, today I used a homemade surface of ragmat with a jarred primer.   It was clear and the board was white, so it was a bright surface to work on, and fairly course.   At the start of this project I really hated that type of surface, but now, I rather like them quite well.    They keep me in check, so I don't get picky.   On a small scale, I think keeping the images fairly simple, putting down only what's necessary.

5x7 on handmade board    Night Falls

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