Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 5 & 6

Last evening I had a private class in my studio, and planned to use the demo as my daily painting.  We were working with underpaintings on sanded paper, and it started out well enough.   Then it fell apart a little.  Then it fell apart a LOT.  

I tried to revive it, but it was hopeless.   I generally push thru and often times it turns out, but this one, no, this one was done.  

Part of my problem was one I was just telling this same student about last class--keep your sketch the same proportion as your surface.   I did not.   Sometimes you can crop, but this was not an option.   So I brushed it all off, set it aside, and took out a small, longer piece.   And I tried again.   At 12:30pm, it was time for bed but I felt I had done what I wanted.

5x10 Spring Rains    uart500    On a trip to town I seen this and loved the simple, open feel.

8x10   Roggow Farm   uart500

This morning I did not feel like doing a thing, and its horribly windy.   But, I thought I'd at least start my painting for today.   I used the surface I botched up last night.  

Our neighbors farm just peeks over the trees and brush.   I planned on adding cattle, but somehow flowers came out instead.  

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