Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sun Spot

My little dog Arty likes to find a bright sun spot every afternoon for a long nap.   Some days its outside, but sometimes he likes the sunbeam that comes thru a very high window in our living room. 

  I had wanted to snap a few reference photos, but he always follows me;  this time tho I was ready!   He did lift his head, and with his ear flipped over, the pose was perfect.   I also very much like the abstract of the sun spot vs. his little scruffy body.   And he always has a toy nearby.  

This one was done around 1 am, so I was too tired to post.   Its the biggest yet, 10x12.   
But it was really fun, I just love this little guy and he slept at my feet while I painted him.    He didn't seem impressed.

10x12 black colorfix paper   Sun Spot

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